DOMENICA 8 Settembre 15:00/19:30

@LAB 41

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Silvia Mancini is one of the top modelling artists and instructor in the world, teaching worldwide, being a Saracino Ambassador and, above all, having been awarded the prestigious Cake Masters Award for Modelling (it is the Oscar of the cake world!) in 2015.

Silvia has developped her range of modelling tools as well as her personal style of distinctive cuteness and gorgeous expressiveness!

Join her for 2 days of great learning and lots of fun!

Silvia will teach step-by-step how to build a face out of modelling paste, make it nice and proportionate and give it an expression. From then on, the classes will move onto learning how to make different expressionsand participants will be able to add a second face with a new expression or focus on more expressions and experiment the newly learnt techniques.





 The following techniques will be learned in the course:
– Correct use of various modelling TOOLS; 
– FACE modelling: technical construction of the face, eyes, nose and mouth; painting; hair. 
– TECHNIQUES to create a range of expressions using modelling paste.

The instructor will provide handouts for each student with detailed explanations of the various techniques.

All materials and equipment are provided.Through the day’s lesson, the students will learn the various techniques, become self-sufficient and will be able to independently model a range of faces out of sugar paste.

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