“You have to love what you do.
Every dessert has its own story: the person you prepare it for, the feelings you feel while preparing it…
everything goes into the hands and while you knead you think with your hands, you love with your hands and you create with your hands.”
Alessandro D’Avenia

They say about Silvia

Highly recommended.
She is a wonderful teacher and great artist.
Always learn a new skill every time when I attend her lesson whether it is online or face to face.
Can’t wait for her next lesson!


Excelente clase me enamore de mi muñeca gracias gracias gracias Dios la Bendice !!


Fabulous teacher and very helpful


Silvia is a great teacher, and a really nice person! I had a really great time on her courses! I also recommend her easy eyes, once you try it, you have to have it


Tutorials van easy eyes en penselen! Súper snelle en nette levering van producten! Ook buiten Italië TOP!!

Flapie Saskia